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What started as simple bagel deliveries to local coffee shops has turned in to a real labor of love with the start of our own bakery cafe. All of our items are baked from scratch, fresh daily using local & organic ingredients every step of the way. With local flours from Breadtopia, eggs from local farms and milk & cream from our very own Radiance Dairy, not only are you receiving the freshest baked items available, you're also receiving an item baked with the freshest ingredients. We use 100% organic ingredients on almost all items. Not just for their superior flavor, but for the environmental benefits of organic farming. When organic ingredients aren't available, we source responsibly with companies we know we can trust. Speaking of environmental benefits, all disposable items in our bakery are compostable -- you won't find any plastic packaging in our store unless its made from plants. Striving for sustainable practices is our small contribution to protecting our planet for future generations.

Above all, we know at the heart of every tasty food is the love & joy a person puts in to their work. That's why every baker & employee are part of our family. Our labor of love is their labor of love, and we think that's reflected in the happiness of our customers. We look forward to sharing our love for baked goods, & our joy in providing warm hospitality, with you and your family.

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